Incoming 1st Years 23/24 - Student Profiling Morning
We are looking forward to welcoming our students from St Louise’s, MQA 1&2 and our other feeder schools tomorrow morning!
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Thanks to all the students, parents and guardians who attended our TY 23/24 information meeting yesterday. A special thanks to the TY Leaders notably Codie and Amber who took part in our little panel discussion! What great ambassadors for St Seton's and Transition Year! StSetons photo
Our student leaders across the three campuses all set to deliver Senior Campus Tours to students from St John's College and Caritas College. Great to see such natural collaboration. Student leadership will be key to ensuring a strong connection between the two campuses. StSetons photo
Reminder of upcoming Information Meetings for current 3rd & 4th Years and their Parents / Guardians.
Looking forward to meeting our 3rd years tomorrow!
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