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Consultation on Curriculum for St Seton’s

During the next two weeks, consultation with all stakeholders will take place to help shape the curriculum of St Seton’s Secondary School. Consultation can take many forms and the ideas and feedback that results are helpful in informing decision making. Because everyone has and is entitled to different opinions, consultation facilitates differing views to be heard.

The curriculum of a school includes the range of subjects and modules that are accessible to students for each programme being offered in the school eg Junior Cycle, Transition Year, Leaving Certificate Established, Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme, Leaving Certificate Applied.

As a first priority, when the schools amalgamate, all current students in the amalgamating schools that are in the process of Junior Cycle / Leaving Certificate Established and Leaving Certificate Applied will have continuity of curricular provision. This is relevant especially to current 1st, 2nd and 5th Years.

Focusing on next year’s incoming 1st Years, 4th Years and 5th Years is a good starting point for looking at the curriculum for St Seton’s. While many elements of curricular provision will remain the same, there is scope for introducing some new elements and positive changes at these key times of transition.

A good curriculum caters for all levels of learning. At all times, the mission of St Seton’s to provide quality teaching and learning to all students, will inform decisions about curriculum. Any changes introduced will be guided by the intention to provide equal opportunities to all students with a curriculum that broadly and inclusively meets their needs.

We look forward to engaging with all of the stakeholders. All of the details of how you can get involved have been circulated and are available to view below. 

If you cannot commit to participating in the focus group discussions, parents, guardians and students can click this link to complete a shorter online survey.

A longer, more detailed version of this survey is available for staff, community partners and any stakeholders with good knowledge of school curriculum.

Click this link to access this longer survey.

You can open the pdf below here.