How our Crest evolved:

Well done to everyone who entered the Crest Competition and a special congratulations to the four entries which helped design our Crest!

Below are the winning entries and student details associated with each one.

The Globe,

representing the diversity of the school community.

Matilda Loughnan,

St Raphael’s Primary School

The Flame,

representing courage.

Alicia Edion, 1st Year St Dominic’s College

The Books,

represented by the vertical division on the crest: left page dark blue, right page white.

Skye Lawrence, St Louise’s Primary School

The Triquetra,

representing the
amalgamation of the three schools – St. John’s College, Caritas College and St. Dominic’s College.

Weronika Majer – Caritas College

The Lettering, Name and School Motto

The Cross,

representative of the identity of St Seton’s as a Catholic school that is committed to providing quality teaching and learning inspired by the Gospel values of love, hope, truth and justice.

St Seton's Secondary School Logo